National Lottery Loser in Stratford

Another of the Nations Biggest Losers was confirmed at 11pm on Wednesday 14th November, 2012. Someone in the Stratford upon Avon area failed to claim their £1,000,000 prize from a EuroMillions ticket bought on 18th May.

The money now goes into the Good Causes pot, so all is not lost for charity. sugegst that if you live in the Stratford district and you find an old lottery ticket, you put it straight in the bin without checking it, so long as it is over 180 days old. You just wouldn’t want to know that you have lost out on a million pounds would you!

Unclaimed £1 million Lottery Prize goes to Good Causes

An unclaimed lottery prize of £1,000,000 (approx $1.6 million) has been handed over to the Good Causes when nobody stepped forward to claim the prize.

The £1 million was won in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle on 20th April this year, and the winning ticket was sold in the Sunderland area. The winner had 180 days to claim, but that deadline expired on Wednesday.

Why not check your UK national lottery tickets right now and see if you can grab one of the many still-unclaimed national lottery prizes.

Unclaimed Jackpot in Swindon

If you live in Swindon or nearby villages, you might want to start checking your drawers.  Somewhere in the town is a winning ticket worth £1 million from the EuroMillion Millionaire Raffle.

So have a look through your old tickets and see if the raffle number ZLJ501773 which was drawn on the 29th September 2012.

Surely it is worth 15 minutes checking your wallet, pockets, purse, handbag and even down the back of the sofa.  And if you think you might have bought the ticket but lost it, then check out what to do about lost tickets here.