Wednesday Health Lottery

The Health Lottery celebrated one year in action with the launch of a wednesday drawing to add to the usual Saturday draw on Wednesday 17th october, 2012.

The odds of winning any of the main prizes remain the same, the most notable of which is 1 : 2,118,760 chance of wining the jackpot of £100,000. But the Wednesday health Lottery draw will not include Hot Ticket draws (which guarantee a £100,000 like the millionaire raffle on EuroMillions).  More details of the Health lottery can be found here.

The first draw was a success for players with three players bagging the top prize and 8,000 ticket holders winning £250 or £20 (still annoying that the Health Lottery do not tell us the proper split of lower prize winners).  the winning numbers were 1 – 2 – 5 – 8 -10