World National Lottery Roundup, October 2012

Something a bit different. here’s some news from National Lotteries around the World that you wouldn’t normally hear of.

The Dominican National Lottery has signed a new 10 year deal with the Spanish state-owned lottery operator to expand the Dominican lottery. It’s the first deal of its kind in Latin America and will mean that the famous El Gordo will be available to residents of The Dominican Republic.

The Nigerian National Lottery is said to be capable of generating N350 billion for the Federal Government if it is properly run.  That equates to US$2.2 billion or £1.4 billion. But achieving the “properly” could be more difficult in a country torn by corruption IMO.

In Bangcock, the Thailand National Lottery is contemplating launching an online lottery once again.  The  the on-and-off-and-on-and-off-again campaign began back in the Thaksin administration period and has been a political football ever since.

And finally the Belgian National Lottery Lotto has said that it will continue to support its cycling team in the Tour de France and will push to clean up the sport by demanding zero tolerance of its riders.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this news from around the World.