Why aren’t my Euromillions Raffle numbers being played?

We get a great many queries along these lines…

“Every week I buy a Euromillions ticket for Tuesday and Friday both with a raffle number on them.  However, I have just realised that my Friday Raffle number is not in the draw, and never has been, becasue the Raffle number I get on the Tuesday is totslly different from the Friday winning numbers.  Would you explain this to me before I take the matter further!”

Before you get too concerned, Yes, your raffle ticket is being entered into the draw on Friday.  The reason you may think that it isn’t relates to the relative number of raffle numbers entered for the Tuesday/Friday combination and those just for the Friday.

let me explain another way. On Tuesday you buy your Euromillions Raffle ticket and get a number like VTR123456. And when you see a result like VTR982942 you just realise you didn’t win.  Now your number is kept into the draw for Friday along with everyone else who bought a ticket for the two draws. BUT most people don’t buy for both draws in one go. So most people will buy a new ticket for the Friday draw and their number may look like WTW123456. As a result there may be 100 times more numbers entered into the draw whihc begin WTW than there are those that start VTR, so it is highly likely that the actual winning euromillions raffle number will begin with WTW and not VTR (or even, say, TTM for those who bought for three draws).

Hope that explains.  You can read more about euromillions raffle numbers here.

Roll Down Let Down

Well the weekend’s lottery results were a bit of a let down for roll down fans.  The Euromillions super mega guaranteed rollover, or whatever it was called, produced one winner of the entire amount and even they live in Spain.  I suppose their economy needs a boost but I always think it is a shame when such a large sum ends up with one individual whereas if it had rolled down to the next tier many more people would have benefited.

The same applies to the UK national lottery where the first ever quadruple rollover was shared by five people – better than one, I admit – but I suppose a lot of us were hoping it would roll down to the match-five plus bonus category to be shared between more players.

Oh, well, let’s hope they are like buses; you wait 18 years for the first quadruple rollover and then more come along behind.

Quadruple Rollover

In all the fuss about the special £80 millions draw over at EuroMillions, its is important to remember there’s a huge rollover in the regular National Lottery this week.

Ok, so the prospect of winning £80,000,000 shouldn’t be sniffed at, but remember that your chances of winning the Lotto game on the National lottery are a lot higher.  Given that this is a Quadruple rollover and that the prize money can roll no more, then playing Lotto (for less than half the price of a EuroMillions ticket) with the chance of winning £19.6 million is probably your best bet. Also remember that a lot of others will play the Euro game and not buy a ticket for Lotto, increasing your chances of keeping a larger portion of any prizes you may win.

I’ve made my decision; a ticket for both! LOL