Irish National Lottery Licence

The current Irish National Lottery licence was issued as long ago as December 2001 and is now getting close to expiry at the end of June in 2013.

Yesterday the Minister for Expenditure & Public Reform, Mr Brendan Howlin, announced that the next Irish National Lottery licence will be put out for tender and that it will last for a whopping 20 years.

No doubt the new extended term is designed to get a larger up-front payment from the operator to the State, which in turn will be used to reduce the deficit and make the Government look good.

Same old politicians.

Roll Down Let Down

Well the weekend’s lottery results were a bit of a let down for roll down fans.  The Euromillions super mega guaranteed rollover, or whatever it was called, produced one winner of the entire amount and even they live in Spain.  I suppose their economy needs a boost but I always think it is a shame when such a large sum ends up with one individual whereas if it had rolled down to the next tier many more people would have benefited.

The same applies to the UK national lottery where the first ever quadruple rollover was shared by five people – better than one, I admit – but I suppose a lot of us were hoping it would roll down to the match-five plus bonus category to be shared between more players.

Oh, well, let’s hope they are like buses; you wait 18 years for the first quadruple rollover and then more come along behind.