Quadruple Rollover

In all the fuss about the special £80 millions draw over at EuroMillions, its is important to remember there’s a huge rollover in the regular National Lottery this week.

Ok, so the prospect of winning £80,000,000 shouldn’t be sniffed at, but remember that your chances of winning the Lotto game on the National lottery are a lot higher.  Given that this is a Quadruple rollover and that the prize money can roll no more, then playing Lotto (for less than half the price of a EuroMillions ticket) with the chance of winning £19.6 million is probably your best bet. Also remember that a lot of others will play the Euro game and not buy a ticket for Lotto, increasing your chances of keeping a larger portion of any prizes you may win.

I’ve made my decision; a ticket for both! LOL